The Changing Face of Social Media

Social Media is everywhere.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, social media is a unavoidable part of our daily lives.                                                                Facebook-twitter-logo

It is my opinion that if something is unavoidable the best thing you can do is to get ready for it.

Here is a Infographic of the changes that you can expect in 2014…


Personally I hope that #6 is true ( Podcast Fan) .   There are many changes on the horizon for social media and how it will interact with our lives and our businesses.   Ryan Holmes CEO of Hootsuite talks about changes to social media in 2014.

Social Media has helped us to stay connected to our friends, family and kept us up to date on all the goings on of todays celebrities.  Social Media has also had the benefit of being able to call out shady businesses to mass digital crowds and let others know which place in town has the best sandwiches for the buck.  Me… I’m a Jimmy Johns man.


Here is a nice video that has some pretty good info about social media.


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